Corey for Council


A strong commitment to our community.


Safe Streets & public transit

  • I will be a strong voice for the residents of District 2 when it comes to public transportation. As a resident who takes the bus to work, I see how our system struggles to serve our growing neighborhoods. I’ll work with all community groups, whether they get around on two, four, or no wheels at all, to make navigating Boston easy, safe, and enjoyable.
  • Encourage car-free & transit oriented developments ideal for residents who prefer to rely on walking, mopeds, bicycles, car-sharing and public transportation.
  • I will be a strong advocate for low-stress, protected bike lanes on key routes to offer city-wide connectivity. I believe we can ease traffic & parking problems by making bicycling appealing to more people which can only be achieved by improving safety. Currently District 2 is not fully utilizing the amount of available road space, and I will work with our city planners to create a safe & connected bike network without reducing the number of existing on-street parking spaces our residents need.
  • I will advocate to ensure the city works with MassDOT & MBTA to create opportunities for bus rapid transit (BRT) pilots in the District.

Foster Healthy Small & Local Business

  • Healthy, small businesses add life to our neighborhoods and our economy. We need to make it easier for small businesses to open their doors and keep them open. From licensing to permitting, I will work to reduce roadblocks and always be there as a resource.
  • Our smaller restaurants and bars do better when they have full liquor licensing and currently, our city is tapped. I support the City of Boston gaining full control of its liquor licenses from the Commonwealth of MA.


  • My commitment to education was fostered at home as both my parents have devoted their careers to public education. My father has been teaching elementary school for 42 years and my mother for 26 years. We need to support our teachers and they need a strong voice.
  • I will work with the council to ensure that all schools in the City of Boston over-perform. The focus should be on our children, and in making sure there's appropriate funding and access to resources, regardless of what school they attend. 
  • I will advocate for a commitment between Boston Public Schools and public charters to work together like they were intended — giving every future leader and change-maker the opportunity to a great education. We need to work together on this.

Development & OUR CommunitIES

  • We need to work together on incentives for developers to effectively build both affordable and workforce housing to ensure that working families can remain in their community.
  • We need to get better at planning and looking at the big picture. We need to promote master planning and less piecemeal planning to ensure we measure the impact of new development on neighborhoods, its residents and our aging transportation infrastructure.
  • District 2 is the fastest growing district in the City of Boston but we need to get smarter about it. Development needs to be transparent and our neighborhood associations need to continue playing a vital role in decision making from day one.
  • As city councilor, I would encourage more residents to get involved in their neighborhood whether its volunteering for a local organization or attending their neighborhood meetings.


  • Working as a designer and graduate of Massachusetts College of Art & Design, I believe we need to increase the visibility of performing and visual arts in the city. Taking cues from successful centers of art & design like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, our city is a blank canvas with many opportunities to show off our true colors. 
  • Work with developers and the city to create more opportunities for civic, cultural & community spaces. Working artists are an integral piece of a healthy, thriving city. We need to do more to ensure they can continue to live and work in District 2.
  • Tapping into our start-ups and local innovators to help our city re-think how we address our civic problems with technology and design thinking. 
  • I will advocate for the development of a South Boston Arts & Cultural Center at the Edison Power station. This would be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood that could benefit all of us. Imagine a space we could all walk to where neighborhood artists could create and showcase their work, families and children could do art-making and cultural performances could take place.

A Climate Ready Boston

  • South Boston, Downtown and the waterfront are the most vulnerable to sea level rise and flooding due to super storms like Hurricane Sandy. We have seen the effects of King Tide on the waterfront and how susceptible these areas are to flooding. We must work to prioritize solutions and prepare for worst case scenarios and their effects on the city, businesses & transportation.