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Press Release — District 2 Candidate Dinopoulos to celebrate civic life this July 4th

SOUTH BOSTON—District 2 City Council candidate Corey Dinopoulos is calling for a renewed commitment to the civic institutions that strengthen our beautiful city this Fourth of July.

“Every District 2 resident deserves public transportation they can rely on, housing they can afford, and access to a quality public education like the one I received,” said Dinopoulos, a nine-year resident of South Boston and graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. “Boston is booming, but we need to make sure that nobody who wants to be here and contribute to our community is left behind.”

Noting that, in the last decade, half of all new development in Boston has happened in District 2, Dinopoulos has pledged to work toward a safe, affordable, and convenient transportation system that’s responsive to the many needs of our rapidly growing community—and hold the MBTA accountable when it falls short.

“Whether they’re stranded waiting for the 9 bus or crammed onto a packed Red Line car, many District 2 residents feel like they don’t have a voice when it comes to transportation,” Dinopoulos said. “Fixing that starts with securing the City Council a seat at the table for decisions involving the T. Our neighborhoods deserve to be heard."

Dinopoulos recognizes that families are the foundation of any strong community. That is why he has made access to a robust, fully funded K-12 education, as well as housing that can support a thriving middle class, the focus of his campaign.

“Supporting our students and teachers means not just helping them excel in the classroom, but also making sure they, and all other Bostonians, have access to safe, affordable housing in vibrant communities near where they work and play,” said Dinopoulos, whose parents share a combined 68 years of experience working in elementary education.

“I hope you'll join me in taking time this holiday weekend to be grateful for all we have and give thanks to our military who help keep us free and to our friends, neighbors and community organizations who do so much locally for the betterment of our city,” said Dinopoulos who looks forward to celebrating Independence Day with his friends and family.

More information on Dinopoulos’ campaign, including upcoming events and how to get involved, can be found at You can also follow him on Twitter @cdinopoulos, or email him at

Corey Dinopoulos