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This time, Olympics rivals are on the same team — The Boston Globe

They might be this political season’s ultimate team of rivals: Corey Dinopoulos and Chris Dempsey.

Two years ago, they found themselves on the opposite sides of Boston’s contentious bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Dinopoulos was a major force in getting the bid underway, while Dempsey did all he could to quash it as one of the leaders of No Boston Olympics. Dempsey won, but Dinopoulos was no sore loser. Instead, he reached out to Dempsey — and over beers they’ve struck up a friendship, realizing that they have more in common than not.

Now, with Dinopoulos running for the Boston City Council, friendship will also turn into campaign support. Dempsey is backing his old foe in what is expected to be a hotly contested race to fill the seat Bill Linehan will be giving up. “Even though people disagreed with him and Boston 2024, that’s not a reason to say no to his candidacy,” said Dempsey, who will be speaking at Dinopoulos’s kickoff event Thursday evening.

In particular, the two have bonded over the need to improve public transportation. Dempsey is a former state transportation official who is now director of Transportation for Massachusetts, a prominent advocacy group. (Dempsey’s support reflects his own views.) Dinopoulos, a South Boston resident, is running in large part because he wants a better MBTA. “We need a stronger voice on the City Council for public transportation issues,” he said. “We don’t have much jurisdiction, but there is no reason a city councilor can’t be speaking out more.”

The alliance of Dinopoulos and Dempsey is also unusual given today’s fractious political environment. As Dinopoulos puts it, it’s a statement that “politics doesn’t have to be divisive.” But there’s probably one more reason they get along so well now.

They both agree on this: No more Olympic bids. — SHIRLEY LEUNG

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