Corey for Council

Meet Corey

Passion. Hard work. Civically Engaged.

Meet Corey

I'm a designer and community organizer who loves the City of Boston. I grew up in Dracut, Massachusetts and I moved to Boston in 2004 to attend the Massachusetts College of Art & Design; the only public art and design school in the nation. MassArt sparked my interest in the local community, in our social issues and in state & local government. I left college as a designer committed to changing my civic environment for the better—finding creative solutions to challenging problems. Having worked in the private and public sector for 10 years as a designer & problem solver, I believe that empathy and good design can be applied to reimagining how we work together to solve these challenges.

In 2012, I co-founded the movement to explore bringing a Summer Olympics Games to Massachusetts. For me, it was about pushing our city to dream a little bigger and making a commitment to fixing our aging transit system and infrastructure. Through my involvement in Boston’s 2024 Olympic Bid, I gained an understanding of the complexities of city government including its capabilities and limitations. It was a humbling experience that made clear to me that I was passionate about Boston, it’s residents and its bright future. It also taught me that only if we work together and listen to all voices, Boston will always succeed.

Both of my parents have devoted their entire careers to public education. My father has been teaching elementary school for 42 years and my mother for 26 years. Growing up in a close Greek/Irish American family, my parents taught me that hard work pays off when you refuse to quit and to be a team player regardless of whether you disagree with someone. I’m a natural collaborator and problem-solver, who is dedicated to bringing a fresh, progressive voice to community leadership.

City government is stronger when it reflects the diversity that makes Boston great. At 32 years old, I would be one of the youngest representatives, and a proud LGBT voice, on city council. I will work hard to bridge the divide of new and old and speak up for those whose voices aren’t heard. I believe that many residents in District 2 share this perspective, and I think we deserve a strong voice in city affairs. You and I know that the same-old Boston politics won't improve the lives of hard-working families in District 2. Our neighborhoods are some of the city's most rapidly expanding and I want to make sure nobody gets left behind. 

I hope to earn your support and your vote on Tuesday, September 26th!