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A champion for our community who is energized and ready to get to work!

Corey Dinopoulos is a resident and homeowner in South Boston. He's a designer and community organizer who loves his city. Over the past twelve years, he has worked to improve his community from the ground up – by walking its streets, talking to neighbors, and being civically engaged. He has worked in the private and public sector for ten years as a designer, innovator and problem solver. He believes that design can be applied to reimagining how we work together to solve our great civic challenges. 

District 2 is a collection of remarkably diverse, active and engaged neighborhoods; Bay Village, Chinatown, Downtown, South Boston, and South End. The District faces many obstacles but also tremendous opportunities. Having lived and worked in the district for the past nine years, Corey has seen these neighborhoods change before his eyes. Amidst this change, he realizes that we must continue to work on designing a better, more equal Boston together

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Preliminary Municipal Election Day
Tuesday September 26, 2017